Monday, June 14, 2010

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Has the United States government gone too far? They have taken over so many portions of our economy that there are few things in our lives that the government doesn’t control. As I wrote a check this morning for my student loan payment to the Department of Education, it occurred to me that I used to think that I’d gotten a loan from Central Michigan University in order to go to college. In reality it was the government that loaned me that money and I don’t know of anyone who has student loans from any other entities. That got me thinking about the control the government has on us.

If they own the student loan industry, do they decide who gets a loan? More importantly, do they decide what you are allowed to study? When I was working on my master’s program I asked my advisor (in casual conversation) why he chose geography to study and he told me that he didn’t, the government in China did. I was shocked, but he went on. He said that they did assessment testing and told him that based on what they determined in the testing, he was best fit to work in geography. He didn’t have a choice.

Are not our children being given assessment testing in our high schools right now? Their school counselors are making ‘recommendations’ about what they should study in college or what trade they should follow. Where does it stop? At what point does it transition over to the government choosing on behalf of our children.

They’ve also recently taken over most of the banking industry. If they own the banks, do they get to choose who is allowed to borrow money and for what purpose? Will they be monitoring what checks we write and where we use our ATM cards? Will they know how many credit cards we have and how much debt we are under? Will they decide who can buy a home and will they decide what we can do in our homes?

What about our vehicles? The government recently bought General Motors and Chrysler. If they own the car companies, can they decide which cars we are allowed to buy and how much we’re allowed to drive? Can they put GPS chips in the cars so that they can track where we go?

Let’s talk about something more sensitive like health care. The recent takeover of our healthcare system is downright frightening. Will the government now be able to decide who gets how much care? Is this not already happening with programs like Medicare and Medicaid? Are claims being rejected based on some bureaucrat deciding the necessity of the procedure? Who is this person or persons? Or is it just a computer making these decisions based on a numerical code? Should not these decisions be made by the doctor and patient? At what point does the government decide that doctors are to go no further in trying to treat a patient based on age? At that point is the process considered “death panels” as has been suggested?

Looking at this list, it is obvious that most of these things are already happening and it’s getting worse all the time. At what point does it stop? At what point do the United States people stand up and say enough is enough? What’s your opinion? –Julie

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