Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Is a Solid Economy?

This questionnaire was created by my friend Krystal for a class that she is taking in college. She asked me to type up my answers to her questions. They were such good questions, that I thought I'd share them (along with my answers). It would be great to have your opinions as well!

1. What is a solid economy, in your opinion? A solid economy is one in which the people in the country are free to choose how and where to work, the government is not in control of any aspects of the economy, nor over-regulating the economy. Also, in a solid economy the natural resources of the country are being utilized by the people of the country to meet the needs of the people in the country, or to sell or give away the goods to provide for the needs of the world.

2. How has the current state of the economy affected your lifestyle? One of the main ways the current state of the economy has affected my lifestyle is at the gas pump. The regulations that the government has placed on the ability of companies who draw upon our natural resources have caused gas prices to skyrocket. When energy costs go up, all other prices go up as well. It costs more to gather resources, create goods, grow food, process food, and transport goods. All of this added together takes money out of our budget causing us to not be able to afford the things we want.

3. Who or what is the larges contributor to the economic crisis? The government regulations, going back almost a century, have caused companies to be forced to operate in a way that prohibits growth and profits. Examples: The New Deal, the creation of Medicare and Social Security, The Fair Housing Act, Farm Subsidies, the moratorium on drilling, the EPA forcing companies to not be able to utilize the natural resources in America.

4. Should the people responsible for the economic collapse be allowed to hold positions in the government or corporations? Why or why not? Not only should they not be allowed to hold positions, they should be made to pay for the problems they caused, and work to reverse them!

5. How do you feel about the fact that the very people who helped to create the economic crisis are part of president Obama’s economic team? It reminds me of how he’s trying to bring down the economy! He’s doing it all on purpose, because he hates America and wants to bring it down to no longer being the superpower that it is today.

Well, that's the extent of her survey. What's your opinion? -Julie L. Spencer

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Linda G. said...

The economy is driven by supply and demand. Therefor the money system has movement fluctuating, in regards to money and jobs for the workers. An economy is a system that has products to supply with a market to buy them. Employers hire people who can work at the rate of the number of people who are available to work ...seems solid to me...but there are not enough positions for the number of people to be in jobs right now. The largest section of the population is between the ages of 55 and 75 and we have not grown enough jobs for these workers. Over many years we have turned from a society that produces to a society that buys from foreign sources ie. China...dollar stores...the balance of import to export is lost at the present time. We import way more than we export so there go the jobs when production for export is down.