Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Secret to Having the Perfect Mother's Day

The secret to having the perfect Mother’s Day is to not expect to have the ‘perfect’ Mother’s Day!

It’s not about you anyway. It’s about your mother. No matter what else she has done, she CHOSE to bring you into this world and that makes her special.

If your mother is still living on this earth, please call her. I know she’d love to hear from you.

If she is no longer living on this earth, take a moment and thank God for whatever time you had together.

If you’ve never met your mother, try to ponder who she was, what she was like, what circumstances in her life caused her to be separated from you.

If you saw your mother yesterday, call her anyway!

If you haven’t talked to her in years, and have some fences to mend, by all means, make an attempt to mend them! Life is too short not to offer forgiveness and reconciliation!

If YOU are a mother, don’t expect anything from anyone else to MAKE this a perfect Mother’s Day. There’s no such thing!

It’s not about the gifts (or lack thereof), it’s not about the breakfast in bed (or the people who forgot to even wish you a Happy Mother’s Day), it’s not about spending time together, or a nice meal, or being pampered.

It’s about celebrating the gift of LIFE and God’s plan to bring His children into this world through mothers! Happy Mother’s Day! –Julie L. Spencer