Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Party Favors for Buxton Peak Launch Party

Dedra Tregaskis (Paperback of My Christmas Gifts)

Lisa Rector (digital copy of Fallen Emrys)

Liwen Ho (digital copy of Spoonful of Spice)

EJ McCay (digital copy of 'Winner's Choice' of her stories - Called Warrior, Broken Like Glass, or Charitable Hearts)

Faith Blum (digital copy of box set Hymns of the West)

Audrey Rich (digital copy of Masquerading Our Love)

Rachel John (digital copy of A Zombie Love Story)

Cassie Shiels (digital copy of The Royal Spy)

Richard Houston (eBook of A Book to Die For)

Lindzee Armstrong (eBook of Miss Match)

Chrissy Sabol-Johnson ("The Heights of Perdition" (Book 1 of the Divine Space Pirates Trilogy)

Erica Laurie (digital copy of Foxtails or Eun Na and the Phantom)

Jess Elliot (eBook of Holly and Mr. Ivy)

AJ Goode (digital copy of Letters to Caroline)

Earl Chinnici (Maybe You Should Move Those Away from You)

Destyni Shirley (paperback of Invisible by her grandfather Daniel Fuller)

Shaun Stevenson (paperback of Secret of the Lost King)

Mark Malcolm (Signed copy of first book in the Guardians of the Herald series)

Frances Hoelsema (digital copy of Growing Up Neighbors and Next Door Neighbors)

RS Sexton (digital copy of Samuel Parker and the New Templars)

KC Turner (signed paperback of Strong Motive)