Thursday, February 9, 2017

Book Review of Bitter Eyes No More by April Gardner

I was hooked on Bitter Eyes No More by April Gardner from page one and couldn’t put it down. It sort of reminded me of Gone with the Wind, which was really cool! Quite a compliment to be compared to an epic novel by a bestselling author like Margaret Mitchell!

The main character, Lillian is an elegant lady with a twisted past. She was so human! From the moment I met her (okay, okay, I know she’s just a character in a book, leave me alone!), I felt a connection to her. She’s so perfectly imperfect.

I love it that she’s so torn between what her body wants and what her mind wants. Aren’t we all? If you’re saying ‘no’ right now, quit lying! I also love the way the handsome doctor finds her just in the nick of time and saves her life, and arrives right when Lillian needs a doctor for her ailing baby.

Captain Marcus Buck (the handsome young doctor) is a devout Christian who refuses to let his body dictate how he cares for Lillian, no matter how much he wants to make her feel better in every way possible. He repeatedly reminds himself that he is her doctor first, and her (potential) companion second. He is also sworn to protect her and bring her home to her father.

Bitter Eyes No More has twists and turns and complexities, and surprises, and drama, and a LOT of passion. Although there were many confusing things about the story, and tons of subplots and interwoven plotlines from other books in the series, I loved it. I can’t wait to read it again, and that really says something considering how busy I am, and how many books are waiting on my Kindle right now!

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April Gardner said...

Gone with the Wind? Wow! I'll take it! LOL Thanks for this beautiful and enthusiastic review, Julie. I've so enjoyed getting to know you through this!