Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Book Review of Yella's Prayers by Nadine C. Keels

There were a lot of amazing things to love about Yella’s Prayers by Nadine C. Keeles. I loved the emotion, the growth and complexity of the interaction between the characters, the dynamics of personalities, and the complexity of the story itself. It gets slow at times but in a powerful way.

I like omniscient point of view (POV), but the story got confusing frequently when the POV hopped mid-scene and sometimes mid-paragraph. There were some confusing parts near the beginning of the story, but I recognized them as foreshadowing and tucked them to the back of my mind for future reference. If a story is unpredictable and surprises me, that’s refreshing. It’s also rare.

I would strongly recommend Yella’s Prayers!

There are several things by which I evaluate a book.

1) Is it well written? Yes, Yella’s Prayers was well-written and I found very few typos.
2) Does it deliver what it promises? Yes, it was clean and inspirational.
3) Is it the kind of book that captures my attention with that ‘can’t put it down’ feeling? Yes, I wanted to read it non-stop.
4) Is the story predictable and cliché? (If a writer can shock me or have a twist that I didn’t see coming, that deserves super high marks.) Yella’s Prayers was a little bit predictable, but had a few good twists.

Have you read Yella’sPrayers by Nadine C. Keels? What’s your opinion? -Julie L. Spencer

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