Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Thoughts about the State of the Union Speech 2011

Obama is a very good orator and he wants us all to work together. Translation: he has a good speech writer and a pretty voice, knows what the American people want to hear, and wants all of us to work with him not against him. As long as we change the way we think and do what he wants us to do, we’re working with him.

My challenge to Americans: read between the lines!

I agree that so much of this started even way before Obama, before Clinton, way before Reagan even. But, regardless of whose fault it all is, regardless of how much of a mess it all is, the more government gets involved, it just keeps getting worse. The best thing for government to do is to get out of our way, let us live our lives, and stop trying to "fix" it.

I'm sorry, but all the things he said last night were generalizations, lies, and saying things he thinks the people want to hear. Those of us who have been following most of everything he has said and done all the way back to the Democrat National Convention way back in 2006 (was it) when I turned to my husband and said "he's going to be our next president!", know that what he says is far from what he means. That's what I meant by "read between the lines."

I challenge you to learn more about him and what he really stands for, not what he wants you to think he stands for. All the things he has done since taking office have been things that will ultimately bring down the country as we know it. He was serious when he said during his campaign that change was coming. I think the American people didn't really understand what kind of change he was talking about. But those of us who've been studying him for years know exactly what he's talking about. Now that he's gotten pretty much everything he wants, he can sit back and let the Congress fight over the rest and get little accomplished these next few years. Then he can sit back and say "see, they just wouldn't work with me! You should re-elect me and a new Democrat congress so that we can get something done!"

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