Thursday, January 20, 2011

Need an Editorial Consultant?

I have experience as a freelance proofreader/copyeditor and would like to offer my services to you. I specialize in writing articles, assisting with student research and writing, editing and proofreading, search engine optimization and uploading content to your website. I also assist with answering an advice column for a company called EduGuide. Prior to working for EduGuide, I worked on a variety of freelance editorial projects including editing a Master’s Thesis for a student from The United Arab Emirates, helping her prepare for publication and editing an 800 page young-adult novel. I’ve been peer-editing term papers since high school and doing creative writing since junior high.

I’d like to assist you with any writing or editing work you need done, even if it is only occasionally. My hours are very flexible, I’m usually available on short notice and I’m great at meeting deadlines. My rates are reasonable and flexible depending on the required work involved.

Interests include: Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Children’s Stories, Politics, Non-fiction, Educational Materials, Blogs

Thank you, Julie L. Spencer

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