Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Have We Done to America? They're already here

The current events in Ukraine have got me thinking about what’s happening in America. In the past few weeks, Russians have infiltrated over ten key cities in Ukraine, quietly stepped up to the government administration buildings and took them over at gun point. They now occupy them. Not a shot has been fired and Russia hasn’t had to invade Ukraine with their armies, and yet they have now taken over. Shift your focus a few thousand miles to the west and you have the same thing happening in America. In the name of political correctness and immigration reform, we have allowed anybody and everybody to cross our borders both legally and illegally. They’re here. I’m not talking about any one nationality or ethnicity, so don’t call me racist or prejudice or whatever. And they’re not here to pick lettuce or build a better life for themselves! I’m talking about extremists who are here because they hate America. They are in the shadows and hiding there, biding their time! They have plenty of money and are well-funded from whatever terrorist group is supporting them, so they don’t have to find jobs. They just wait. Until one day they’ll be done waiting and it will be too late for us. They’ll step out of shadows all at the same time, and take over. Is it already too late? What’s your opinion? –Julie L. Spencer

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