Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weight Loss with Take Shape for Life

I recently lost 42 pounds with the Take Shape for Life program! Want to check out my weight loss transition? Click here!

I had a thyroid disorder a few years back and gained a ton of weight in just a couple of months. The doctors fixed the problem, but I was never able to take that weight off. It was really frustrating because I was just so busy and didn't have time to exercise. My blood pressure was also very high and I just felt fat and hopeless. After a holiday I saw a picture that someone had snapped of me and it was like I was looking at a stranger - I knew that wasn't me and that I had to do something.

I discovered the Take Shape for Life program and everything changed! After about four months, I'd lost 35 pounds! Even better, my blood pressure medications had been reduced because of my weight loss! I can't tell you how happy that made me. People began stopping me to tell me how healthy I looked, which made me feel so good after all I had struggled with.

Now, I’m coming up on one year of having been on the program and I’m down 43 pounds! I didn’t even know that I needed to lose that much weight! I’m now wearing a size four jeans, and they’re a little big on me! I’m completely off blood pressure medicine and even my tastes have changed - I don't crave all the junk I used to eat. I know I'm never going back to the way I was.

I've done so well with this program that they invited me to become a Health Coach! I’m now able to help others do what I did. I have so many friends who are in the same position I was a year ago, and I want to be of assistance to them. If you are one of those friends, and would like help losing weight, please let me know. My service to you as your Health Coach is complimentary, and the food is cost-neutral (Click here to learn more about the food). I’ve even saved money on this program because I’m no longer eating fast food. My new version of fast food is always having one of our protein bars in my purse. We have so many choices that are portable that I never feel the need to swing through a drive through (unless it’s to buy a Diet Coke!)

Please pass my name along to anyone looking to reduce weight and/or get healthy. I LOVE helping people with this! -Julie

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