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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Recommended Books to Read: My Vampire by Lisa Rector

Wondering ‘What should I read next?’ Looking for the best books to read? Need book recommendations? Read My Vampire by Lisa Rector.

Vampires, creatures of darkness. Their favorite treats... storm sprites. 

The blood of a storm sprite makes an intoxicating elixir for most supernatural beings, including vampires. After Killian, a reclusive vampire, comes across Sasha, a rare storm sprite, and saves her life, they develop an unlikely friendship. Because of his constant cravings for her blood, Killian keeps his distance while protecting Sasha from the supernaturals hungering for her. But as his behaviors change and he draws closer, Sasha's no longer sure of his motivations. One day his cravings will become too much.  

When a woman's brutal murder spirals a hunt for an amulet that has demonic powers, Sasha and Killian are stuck between the feuding demons and vampires who are determined to possess the amulet's secrets. Sasha must find the amulet for her protection--before she ends up on the wrong end of a demon's blade, or worse, has her throat ripped out by the vampire she calls hers.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Heir of Deceit by Jan M. Martin

Wondering ‘What should I read next?’ Looking for the best books to read? Need book recommendations? Read Heir of Deceit by Jan M. Martin.

On the eve of her wedding, Lacey uncovers a problem too large for love to conquer—a destructive force within her family, which could put her fiancĂ©’s life in danger.
Lacey vows to uncover the secrets of her lineage, even if it requires her ultimate sacrifice: the loss of her marriage to her beloved Evs.
Her quest leads from Tucson, Arizona to the Smoky Mountain backwoods, where even today, the shotgun is more respected than the law, moonshine stills explode, and family may not be what is expected.

Heir of Deceit is a clean Contemporary Fiction novel appropriate for teens and adults.

“This is part love story, part genealogical mystery, a little bit about redemption and quite a lot of fun for the reader.” Amazon Reviewer

“A love story that . . . offers a satisfying mix of intrigue and idealistic love.” –Kirkus Reviews

“The vividness of her writing makes the scenery visual and the characters real. Many twists with a surprise at every turn—I couldn’t put it down.” Loraina Simmons

“Loved it from first page to last paragraph.” Darleen Knudson