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Excerpts from my first novel The Cove

Excerpt from The Cove: Chapter One

“Why did you do that?” she demanded, standing in his lit doorway, dripping wet in her custom-made designer swimsuit. He stood with the screen door still closed between them, a look of confusion and anger across his face. Gail pushed the door opened and stomped into his house, not really caring that she was leaving water all across his linoleum floor. He silently grabbed the kitchen towel from the handle on the stove and stooped down to wipe up the mess. Out of spite, she grabbed her long hair in her hands and wrung the water from it so that it left an even bigger pool of water beside her. He just took a deep breath, as if to calm himself into not getting angry, and wiped up that mess as well. When he stood up, he tossed the towel at her chest.

"Dry yourself off," Todd snapped at her. "You're making a mess in my kitchen." ...read more.

First Kiss...excerpt from The Cove
“You’re not wearing your engagement ring,” Todd’s statement held a little sarcasm, but more curiosity than anything. Gail was standing in the doorway, still dripping wet from swimming. Todd handed her a towel.

“I can’t swim with it on,” Gail replied, wrapping the towel around her and trying to stop the majority of the water from hitting the floor before it made too much of a mess in his kitchen. “Could you imagine if I lost it? Ugh. That would be awful.”

“Yeah, your fiancé must have spent a lot of money on it.”

“Why are you being so sarcastic tonight?”...read more.

The Funeral...excerpt from The Cove
The funeral was held at the country club. It was a closed casket. Although no body had been found, it was obvious to everyone where Gail’s final resting place was. It was where she would have wanted it. She was in her favorite place. In the water. In the cove. She had swam these waters almost every day of her life. As only Todd knew, she had swam these waters almost every night for the past four months…to come to him. He felt sick. He felt numb. Everyone around him cried. He just stared at the lake. None of them knew that he was in love with her. No one knew that she was in love with him. No one knew what they had done. No one knew about the fight they’d had the night before she’d died. No one knew. But Todd knew...read more.

Excerpts from my second novel The Farmer's Daughter

Excerpt from The Farmer's Daughter...I told you that I tip well
“I should probably warn you ahead of time where I’m taking you,” Caleb turned his head slightly to look over at Ashley. He was leaning back casually in the bucket seat of his car, driving with only his left hand. He kind of looked like one of those guys who think they’re cool and wear dark shades late at night. It sort of worked for Caleb though. In his expensive clothes and his sixty thousand dollar Porsche Cayman. He really did look cool. And very sexy, she had to admit, even though it made her blush to think that. Besides, she liked having him so close to her while he drove. Not that he could ever be very far away from her in a car this small. He could have leaned all the way against the driver’s side door and still held her hand with ease. But he smelled good, and he looked good, and she felt good sitting next to him. “If I don’t tell you ahead of time, you might read too much into it.” He smiled and she was intrigued.

“I’m listening,” she waited for him to continue...read more.

A Lovely Morning...excerpt from The Farmer's Daughter:
A misty fog covered the world, especially in low-lying areas around the rolling hills of the pasture. The little grove of trees sat in the distance, seeming to hover within the fog rather than sitting rooted to the ground. Ashley sat on the top rung of the fence looking out over the early morning scene and pondering again, as she’d done so many times since the big storm, how her cattle had instinctively stayed safe in that little haven of trees....Read more here.

Excerpts from my novella, Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor?

Excerpt from Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor?: Wanna Marry Me?
In the flurry of activity, Ian took the opportunity to steal another little kiss, but didn’t let himself get carried away again. While everyone else excitedly rushed around getting ready to leave, he held Megan in his arms standing there in her dorm room and drank in the look in her eyes. He took her left hand in his and placed a kiss on her ring finger as if to imply that there should be something else resting there. He raised his eyebrows at her with clear intention.
“What are you trying to say, Ian?” Megan whispered.
“Wanna marry me?” he whispered back.
“Maybe,” she told him for the second time that day...read more here.

Excerpt from Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor? The (Almost) Perfect Honeymoon
After two nights in Detroit, the next stop was supposed to be the Northwoods Lodge near Petoskey on their way to the Upper Peninsula. What should have taken under four hours turned out to be a two-day trip with an overnight stay in Houghton Lake just because they couldn’t help stopping by the place where they met. They didn’t bother going over to see Aunt Pat & Uncle Denny, but did decide to book a room at the Beachfront Hotel even though the lodge where they had reservations was only an hour away.
“We should just stay here for a few weeks,” Ian whispered in the dark.
“I thought the idea was to keep moving so that no one would recognize us,” Megan answered him...read more here.

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