Stories in Pictures

I've heard it said "A picture's worth a thousand words" but I say "My words show the stories of a thousand pictures."

On this page, I'll showcase blog posts with pictures of real places and excerpts from my novels where I've written about those places! -Julie L. Spencer

Stories in Pictures: Buxton Peak Book Two: Center Stage at CMU Library

“Well, the good news is, I think Uncle Dave likes you enough to accept the very large security deposit you just offered, and is willing to allow us to rent month-to-month since we’re not sure how long we’re staying…”
“What’s the bad news?” I’m almost afraid to ask. Ian climbed into the passenger seat of Megan’s car and clicked the seatbelt into place.
“The bad news is: I’m late for my study group,” Megan said. She raised her eyebrows and bit her lip. “So, you either have to ride back to the hotel with Kai and Rhonda, or go with me to the library.”
“You’ve been meaning to show me the library, right?” Ian shrugged his shoulders. “You told me it was really cool and has moving shelves, or something.” (Read more here...)

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