Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Is More than Just Flashlights!

I sat up late last night watching the storms. No, not out my windows, on the radar screen on the computer! Boy how things have changed. We used to have to wait for the weather man to tell us what was going to happen. Now we can watch it happen. I kept thinking things like “take cover Omaha!” and “Des Moines, it’s after you next!” Seriously, living in Michigan, why do I care? I’m not really sure, I just love weather. With weather-related and other emergencies, we need to be prepared. Prepared how? Read the rest of the article here!

Want to Be a Storm Chaser?
Have you ever wanted to get in the car and chase the storms? Well, this website gives you the chance to see live feed from real storm chasers! Check it out:

Have you ever wondered how much, and what kinds of foods you should store as part of your food storage? Emergency Essentials offers this really neat food storage calculator. It asks you to count what you already have in your pantry, customize what you want to store and calculate how much you need to buy to get your one-year supply of food on your shelves. Check it out and let me know what you think! -Julie

Check out the free food storage calculator at FoodStorageAnalyzer.com

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