Julie's Philosophies on Life

Never pass up the opportunity to use the restroom!

Make sure there is water in your glass before you put the medicine in your mouth.

Life's too short to read a book you don't like.

The easiest way to carry an article of clothing is to wear it.

Don't be offended by someone else's need for an attitude adjustment.

It’s a beautiful day!

Put God first in your life and all things will fall into their proper place, or fall out of your life.

I’m great! How are you?

Never eat with your right hand. I don't mean with a fork...I mean with your actual bare hand! Think of how many things you touch, how many hands you shake, how many gross germs there are! Ewww...

(If you're left-handed, reverse the above statement! Oh heck, just never eat with your bare hands!)

Never ‘save the best for last’ when eating a meal you love. What if you get full halfway through?

Eat your broccoli first. It gets cold fast!

Never insist that your kids ‘clean their plate’. It encourages overeating and leads to obesity! Teach them (and yourself) to stop eating when full. And never insist on finishing a meal before having desert. That’s what the to-go box is for! Lunch tomorrow will be wonderful and you’ll be happily enjoying the brownie-bottom-hot-fudge-covered-ice-cream-creation!

Try reading the scriptures as if they were a novel. It’s fun that way and takes on a completely different perspective!

When the food smells done...it's done!

I only have one more year to attend track meets, basketball games, and choir concerts. I have the rest of my life to go to my office.

Never, ever, ever lick your fingers!

You learn something new everyday.

If I’m still alive today then that means God has work for me to do, and it’s up to me to go figure out what it is that He needs from me!

Do you have some philosophies you live by? What's your opinion?

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