Monday, May 30, 2016

Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor? Now Available!

Who is Ian Taylor? Ian Taylor is the main character in the first book of the Buxton Peak series by Julie L. Spencer (that would be me!)

Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor? is the beginning of a love story that forces Ian Taylor to let go of those who use him, embrace those who love him for who he truly is, and find strength in his music when everything around him falls apart.

The planned launch date for Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor? is June 21st 2016.

If you are a blogger, or have a website, or would like to help me with a special (weird) project on the launch date, email me at

For your help/participation, I’ll give you a free digital copy of Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor? to read. You don’t have to write a review (unless you want to!) or post anything on Facebook or Twitter or your website (other than the weird wording). It’s just yours to enjoy.

I love my story and can’t wait to share it with the world! -Julie L. Spencer

While you’re waiting to read Buxton Peak Book One: Who IsIan Taylor? check out my first novel, The Cove on Amazon in paperback or Kindle. Have you read The Cove? or Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor? What’s your opinion? -Julie L. Spencer

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Thank You For Your Service!

I’m conducting a hashtag experiment to see if I can get a phrase trending on Facebook and Twitter. My kids think I’m crazy and that this won’t work, but I’d at least like to try!

The phrase I’d like to promote is #ThankYouForYourService as in #Nurses #ThankYouForYourService (nurses are God’s angels here on earth). Or #Teachers #ThankYouForYourService (thankless job, I know, I’m married to one!). Or #PoliceOfficers #ThankYouForYourService (or anyone willing to put on a uniform in defense of our country or communities!). You get the idea.

Then, you can also tag people you know who are nurses, or teachers, or uniformed officers.

“Thank you for your service,” is something I say quite often so it’s comfortable for me. I never walk past a man or woman in a military uniform without walking up to them and shaking their hand and thanking them for their service.

I’ll be doing a lot of posts over the next couple of days with the hashtag #ThankYouForYourService and I’d love it if you’d join me. With all the crud that trends, I think it’s time to start something positive!

If you tag me in your post on Facebook or Twitter, I will share your post or retweet it!

Will you join me? What's your opinion? –Julie L. Spencer

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