Friday, June 11, 2010

The Parable of the Frogs by Julie Spencer

We are like frogs in a large pot of cool water. Most of the frogs are swimming around smiling, thinking that the reason the water is getting warmer is because the sun just came out. But some of us have seen the hand that just reached out and turned on the burner. We’ve begun crying out and reaching our little arms up, hoping that someone will hear us and turn off the water. Our little legs aren’t long enough to jump out of the pot, and we wouldn’t know where to go if they were. The big people looking down into the pot are smiling and laughing because they have waited a long time for frog soup, and we are finally cooking. We try to tell the other frogs what is happening, but they start laughing too. They think that now that the sun is out, everything will be wonderful. We all begin to slowly grow lethargic as we become less and less able to cry out. By the time the other frogs realize what we’ve been trying to tell them, it is too late. We are all cooked together. -Julie


Jayne said...

I want to be the frog that climbs on the other (dead) frogs backs to jump out!! (or is that too morbid)?

Julie Spencer said...

Classic! You would know, living next to a cemetary and all. -Julie