Sunday, September 8, 2013

Book Review of Glimmer of Hope by Sarah M. Eden

I love Sarah’s writing style! It’s not very often that I find a good book written in a third-person omniscient narration. It’s how I always write, and I love it because I can express the thoughts and feelings of multiple characters and how they relate to one another. But back to Sarah! I liked the high level of romance in Glimmer of Hope. It felt like the whole book revolved around Carter and Miranda’s relationship. It wasn’t a story that contained characters; it was characters with a story swirling around them. The story was the characters. One of the first things I noticed was an underlying hint of Miranda’s illness. It was obvious in the way she mentioned several times being tired, even though she was quite young. It was also evident from the beginning of the story that although she was living a life of luxury, she was kind to her hired workers and even tried to improve their lives. I was glad that Sarah introduced both main characters right away. I also liked how they didn’t mess around with being angry at each other for too long before they were drawn to one another. They stayed angry for a long time, yet they couldn’t stop seeing each other. It was an interesting dynamic, having a married couple separated yet living (if only briefly) in the same house. Again, I’m glad that Sarah chose to share the story with us from Carter’s perspective as well as Miranda’s because had I not known his thoughts I would have thought he was a heartless jerk who was borderline abusive. Knowing why he was acting the way he was, and realizing how hurt he was by the thought that she had left him, helped me as the reader to feel some compassion for him. I thought it was funny that someone else had to point out to Carter how mean his mom was to his wife. Typical male! Did I say that out loud? Anyway, as a whole I liked the book and it has drawn me to want to read the rest of Sarah’s books. Put ‘em on the ever-growing list! Have you read Glimmer of Hope? What’s your opinion? -Julie L. Spencer

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