Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Book Review of Before It’s Love by Michelle Pennington

I had the unique opportunity to read BeforeIt’s Love by Michelle Pennington in various draft stages. As one of Michelle’s critique partners, I had a chance to help edit the manuscript as she was writing it. I was a terrible critique partner for her because I love everything she writes! I am definitely her target-market!

I was hooked on Before It’s Love from page one and couldn’t put it down. It’s like a complex web of interwoven tangled relationships with roommates secretly crushing on the same guy, conflicts of interest between a young college professor and a girl who attends the same college (don’t worry, he’s not her teacher!), and family relationships getting in the way of make-ups and break-ups. It’s just crazy. But the story is spun slowly enough that the reader can keep up (almost!).

I loved Before It’s Love, and will look forward to reading anything Michelle publishes in the future.

There are several things by which I evaluate a book.

1) Is it well written? Yes, Before It’s Love was well-written with very few typos or grammatical errors
2) Does it deliver what it promises? Yes, Before It’s Love is a sweet, clean love story with lots of drama.
3) Is it the kind of book that captures my attention and I ‘can’t put it down’? Yes, I’ve read Before It’s Love several times, and love it more each time!
4) Is the story predictable and cliché? If a writer can shock me or have a twist that I didn’t see coming, that deserves super high marks. Before It’s Love is definitely not cliche, but is a bit predictable. Still a great read. Anything that makes me read it twice gets high marks!

Have you read Before It’s Love by Michelle Pennington? What’s your opinion? –Julie L. Spencer

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