Monday, April 25, 2011

Pro-choice? Really?

Get ready to throw your daggers at me and send me hate mail. I heard today that the next thing the liberals are attacking is our right to have ice makers in our refrigerators, supposedly because they use too much electricity to run. The same liberals who want women to have the right to kill their children are now trying to tell us that we can’t have ice makers in our refrigerators! They also won’t let us use traditional showerheads, light bulbs, toilets, or thermostats. We aren’t allowed to choose what kind of food is served in our kids school lunches, how much fat we can eat, how much salt can be in our food, how large the portions can be at a restaurant, where we’re allowed to smoke, how many boxes of Sudafed we’re allowed to purchase, where we’re allowed to drill for oil, what kind of car we are allowed to drive, or the amount of corn we have to have in our…gasoline? Really?

That just got me thinking about the hypocrisy of the fact that these same people claim to be "pro-choice". Ice makers? Really? What right does anyone else have to tell me that I don't have the "choice" how I make the ice in my refrigerator? What’s your opinion? –Julie

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Lilly Corbett said...

Don't even get me started on the school lunch!!! i love Jamie Oliver's FOOD REVOLUTION. And they are hypocrites when it comes to most policies. It is all about agenda, and what fits the personal goals of the politicians, and that can change on any whim as well. Really they want to do away with fridges that make ice? Come on people- that is RIDICULOUS!!! And they call us radicals, because we believe in traditional marriage, abstinence, and consequences for our choices! WOW!