Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Cove by Julie Spencer Free on Kindle August 1st-5th 2016

In honor of the Summer Olympics, and because the main character in The Cove is a famous Olympic swimmer, Julie Spencer is offering her novel, The Cove free on Kindle this week only.

Here is a blurb about The Cove:

Some accomplishments are easier than others…

For Olympic swimmer Gail Pederson, gold medals came easy. Finding true love and marrying him in the temple? Not so easy. Especially with three men competing for her attention, and temptations leading her further and further from her goal.

Choices have consequences, and each choice Gail makes affects all four of them. One choice changes their lives forever, and leaves unexpected consequences in its wake.

Innocence lost, promises broken, and friendships destroyed. Gail may choose how to live her life, but she can’t choose the consequences.

Here is an excerpt from The Cove:

“Why did you do that?” Gail stood in his lit doorway, dripping wet in her designer swimsuit. Todd kept the screen door closed between them, anger in his eyes and a scowl on his face. Gail pushed the door open and stomped into his house, leaving water all across his linoleum floor. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then grabbed the kitchen towel from the handle on the stove. As he stooped down to wipe up the mess, she grabbed her long hair in her hands and wrung the water from it so that it left an even bigger pool of water beside her. He paused, clenched his hand around the towel and wiped up that mess as well. When Todd stood up, he tossed the towel at Gail’s chest.
“Dry yourself off.” Todd snapped at her. “You’re making a mess in my kitchen.” He walked back over to the counter where he had been making himself a sandwich. How can he possibly be hungry after all that food at the country club?
“Why did you have to show up there anyway?” Gail demanded.
“I was invited!” Todd turned back to her with fierceness in his eyes. “By your fiancé!” He spat the words at her and she flinched back from his accusing eyes. He stepped away from the counter and crossed the room to her. She was glad he’d put down the knife he’d used to cut the salami for his sandwich. Not that she thought he would ever really get so mad he might hurt her, it just would have felt a little more threatening.
“Stephan invited… you? Why?” He ignored her question.
“Do you have any idea how much Patrick loves you? How much it’s going to hurt him when he finds out that you’re engaged to someone else?”

Find out what happens next by downloading The Cove by Julie Spencer on Kindle.

Have you read The Cove? What's your opinion? -Julie L. Spencer

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