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Interview with the Author Tanya Eavenson

After reviewing To Gain a Valentine, I had the honor to interview Tanya Eavenson about her writing and her new release. Read my Book Review of To Gain a Valentine here.

What is your favorite song(s) to listen to while writing?

It really depends on what I’m writing, but I love just about any song from David Crowder.

What is the first thing you remember writing?

I remember writing poems when I was a child, and then in middle school on certain Wednesdays I was allowed to read them over the intercom during the morning announcements.

At what moment did you feel like you could say, “NOW, I'm an author?”

For me, it wasn’t until my second book released entitled Restored. A man actually read my book and left a review on Amazon that blew me away. I was speechless to say the least, and he ended the review with this: “Restored is a powerful story of love and faith. It is one of the most memorable books I've read in the last ten years. It has my highest recommendation. Five Stars.”

Do you write using a keyboard, pen and paper, or both?

I write using a keyboard and pen and paper, actually about 50/50.
What project are you working on now?

I have another novella set to release this Christmas entitled To Gain a Stocking. But until then, I’m changing gears from contemporary to historical romance. I’m working on a series of full length novels set in the late 1800s. The first novel in the All Roads Lead to Texas Series is called The Rescue, which will be releasing this spring! Each heroine has circumstances that will drive them to a small town in Texas. This series has been such an adventure to write!
What is one of your favorite beverages/snacks while writing?

Coffee and Chocolate! =)

Do you have any furry writing buddies?

I do! This is Woody. And he also loves to play board games!

Who are your three favorite characters in your book(s)?

Strangely enough, I have a thing for my secondary characters. I write them to be such strong male characters, they insistent on their own stories and I can’t help but to say yes!

Steven Moore first appeared in Unconditional as Doctor Steven Moore, but now, he has his own story entitled Restored. Patrick Reynolds from To Gain a Mommy was Hope’s love interest and co-worker at a pediatric practice, but now, he’s the hero of To Gain a Valentine. And last but not least, I have a secondary character from an unpublished novel that now has his own story within the All Roads Leads to Texas Series. Men! LOL!

So, give us a synopsis for To Gain a Valentine.

Pediatrician Patrick Reynolds works wonders with sick children, yet when it comes to pets, he’s clueless. But caring for his sister’s menagerie while she’s on vacation is the perfect answer to working through a broken engagement. Hoping to escape the memories, he returns to his hometown, the last place he'd expect to find love.

Life as a single mom is never easy, but pet shop owner Amabelle Durand has found contentment. When an old friend returns to care for his sister’s pets, he enlists her assistance to keep the animals alive. But when Amabelle's young daughter falls ill, she finds herself attracted to more than the handsome pediatrician’s medical skills.

As Valentine's Day approaches, will Patrick and Amabelle miss out on the love they've always desired? Or will their love take flight under the stars on this very special night? 

Let’s have some fun with your story and get to know the characters a little.
  1. One of your characters is going on a shopping spree. Where does he/she go and what does he/she buy?

Patrick is going to head to a pet store and since he’s clueless when it comes to animals, he’s going to purchase a book entitled Pet Care for Dummies and buy every brand of dry dog food, hamster food, lizard food, fish food, and parakeet food he can get his hands on.
  1. Your character is at a bookstore. Which section is he/she shopping in? What book is in his/her hand right now?

Amabelle is in the magazine section of the bookstore, skimming the pages of different baby magazines trying to decide which one to purchase.
  1. Please share a few favorite lines or one paragraph.

How about a scene? =)

“I had another man’s child. I wasn’t married. I’m struggling to make ends meet. You deserve someone better, someone like you.
He gently laid Abby on the sofa and went to Amabelle. If only he could reach out and hold her, assure her of his words, but he held himself in place. “You have it all wrong,” he said softly, “I was meant for you. All this time…I didn’t realize until I saw you again, felt your touch on the day I arrived. It’s you. It’s always been you.”
“But the promise we made. Did you keep yours?”
“Yes,” he said without wavering.
“And I—”
“—have a beautiful daughter that looks just like you, and if you’ll allow me, I’d like to be her father one day.”
A tear running down her cheek was her only response. Whether she felt the same for him or not, he took the two steps that separated them and cupped her cheek. “Will you let me love you? To be the husband you deserve, a loving father to your daughter?” He ran his thumb over her lips, leaning in slightly. He hesitated for only a moment before finding her mouth warm against his.

  1. How did you come up with the title?

The title was pretty easy since all the novellas in the series will start with To Gain a… The rest gets filled in later. I’m really trying to have two lines of books. My full-length novels are heart-gripping stories, while my novellas are short, fun reads. I decided to go this route because I love to read, but I don’t always have the time. This way, it’s the best of both worlds.
  1. Tell us about your cover art and how it pertains to your story.

My cover artist is wonderful! Amanda had done my covers for my publisher, so when I told her what I was wanting, she gave me the reins. I found this photo and did a double take. I had found Patrick! Can you imagine my surprise finding him exactly as I thought he should look! He’s a cutie for sure! This photo of Patrick and Amabelle is perfect in every way. It’s the past, present, and their future coming together in front of our eyes.

  1. Fiction can often provide powerful life lessons. What message do you hope readers get from your book?

That sometimes life is messy, but love still conquers all.

Tanya, thank you for joining us and letting us get to know you and your story. It’s been an honor spending time with you. -Julie L. Spencer

Tanya Eavenson is a bestselling and an award-winning inspirational romance author. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their three children. Tanya is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Word Weavers International. Her favorite pastime is grabbing a cup of coffee, eating chocolate, and reading a good book.

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