Friday, February 3, 2017

Who Is Ian Taylor?

Who Is Ian Taylor?

Ian Taylor is the main character in the Buxton Peak series by author Julie L. Spencer

Ian Taylor just wanted to be loved for who he was on the inside...

When Ian meets Megan, a small town college girl at church in a remote part of Michigan, he figures out pretty quickly that she knows nothing about him. So he makes the decision to hide his fame from her.

Ian's plan backfires when Megan finds out who he really is and decides she doesn't want to live her life in his spotlight, with all the baggage that comes with it. She just wants to live a quiet life in rural Michigan, with a normal husband and family.

But, center stage can't last forever...

Even a rock band as talented as Buxton Peak can come crashing down.

While Ian Taylor is blinded by love, his band is torn apart by distractions, temptations, and drug abuse.

Will Ian stand beside his mates, letting their problems become his problems? Can they pull together as a band? or will the pressures of stardom rip them apart?

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